Little Monsters!

Have you seen the movie Where the Wild Things Are? Many things in fashion right now are very BIG, hairy, and maybe even cute. On one of my many favorite online stores, IDontLikeMondays, there is an artist, Shin Murayama, who takes monsters to another level and transforms it into something between apparel and art.

Most of his artwork on IDLM are sold out!! A brand who has also taken upon this monster theme is Open Ceremony. Their clothes have literally taken inspiration from the movie. This idea is great! IT’S AMAZING! Why wouldn’t you want to dress like you just came out of Where the Wild Things Are?! These clothes don’t just keep you warm during this freezing winter in the Big Apple, you’ll look adorable! There are multiple Open Ceremony stores in cities around the world, including New York, Tokyo, and LA! I hope you take a look at both of these sites.

Lady Gaga has also made appearances with monster-inspired outfits, which are just indescribably fantastic. Even though I don’t think anyone but Lady Gaga can make this look beautiful, it doesn’t stop people from wearing furry onesies and masks!

Xx Little Monsters = HotMess


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