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Exceptional Exposure

Until the current season thaws, this trend won’t be wearable until spring! Lingerie looks has made its way through the many trends and is a huge hit! Bustiers, corsets, suspender belts, sheer layers, and bra tops make up what is now a trend-to-be during Spring 2010!

(in descending order: Jasmine Di Milo, Sophia Kokosalaki, and YSL)

So, will you be wearing your innerwear as outerwear? If so, check Topshop for colorful & cheaper versions of lingerie wear.

Comment below/email me at and tell me what you think. All suggestions are welcome!


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Fashion Shows + Causes = Lovely

Honestly, when it comes to Fashion Shows and amazing causes, there’s nothing better than the two except for the two…COMBINED!

Recently, various designers have joined forces to help causes, such as To Haiti with Love. (You should all purchase one and help those in Haiti)

Another great cause is Operation Smile, which is a cause that provides surgeries to repair cleft lip, cleft palate, and other facial deformities for children around the world. April 15th is the day of Operation Smile’s 2010 Jr. Smile Collection Event. There’s going to be a dinner, dessert, a fashion show, and dancing, dancing, dancing! All and all, it’s a night consisting of a lot of fun, plus it’s for a fabulous cause! This black tie event gives children something to smile about. 🙂

Click here for more information on this event.

I hope you all try to help and contribute to the many causes that are helping our world right now.


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In the Spirit of Fashion Week…

Fashion Week is coming to an end (already !?) and there’s something I’ve got to show you. Current/Elliott has made itself famous because of their boyfriend jeans. That trend boat has sailed, but a new ship has arrived. Since last summer, a “sailor-boy” trend arose and it’s becoming something bigger than ever now! With the high-waisted shorts, sailor sweaters and tops, linen dresses, Current/Elliott has made me want summer even more! This ss10 collection has a very vintage, nautically-inspired feel.

(all images from )

I hope you’re all excited for this coldness to finally drift away. Things are getting exciting (fashion wise anyway)


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New Season, New Trends

I’m sure I’m not the only one that is completely prepared and excited for the new season so to get you all pumped, I’m going to show you an upcoming trend. This trend, noted by Vogue,, and Elle, includes themes like military, tribal, and easy pragmatic… *What do you all think this trend should be called?

(top to bottom: 1 & 2 Chloé by Hannah MacGibbon ss10, Nanette Lepore ss10)

The trend is summed up by this season’s utilitarian footwear, earthy tones, opulence, hip-slung contour. Effectuating the style into your daily wear is not difficult by any means since this style is shown to be practical. To start, here’s what you should try: Lots of loose layering joined together by a leather belt bind around the waist and completed with a pair of sandals and a satchel. Accessorize with wristbands (easily buyable at boutiques and street markets).

Also, try different textures and pull the look together with straps on belts, sandals, wristbands, etc.)

By strappy and earthy, here’s what I mean

(top to bottom: Balenciaga, Topshop)

(top to bottom: Top from Topshop, Cropped Pants by Vince)

(collection of vintage belts from Urban Outfitters)

(Kimchi Blue Woven Satchel from Urban Outfitters)

How will you be wearing this trend? Have you spotted any new, exciting, and wicked trends for ss10? Feel free to leave a comment or send an email with questions/suggestions to


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How to: Find Cute Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and what is the best way to show someone you care about them? Cheesy little me says: GET SOMETHING CHEESY (BUT CUTE)! Not stupid ones though because that’d just be a bugger. The question that is probably knocking on your brain is, “Where can I find cheesy gifts, but not stupid ones?”

Answer is….

Urban Outfitters! If you’re going to buy your loved ones aV-Day present, there’s many many trinkets at U.O., such as these L.O.V.E. mugs!

If you click on the Apartment section, there’s shop especially for Valentine’s day!

Hope you all find the perfect gift(s)!


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Attention: All Marc Jacobs Fans

Yes, two posts in one night!

Don’t you hate it when you find something that’s absolutely lovely, but then you figure out it’s WAY too out of your price range because it’s a fancy schmancy name brand?

WAS $1600, NOW $320

If you are a Marc Jacobs fan (like me 🙂 ) then you should definitely check out The Outnet, where Marc Jacobs tunics initially at $700, are sold are $300! Yep, ridiculous… ridiculously fortunate!

There have an array of accessories and clothing, and they’re all at discounted prices.

Hurry, things are already sold out.


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Kitty Flashback!

Remember when Hello Kitty was a BIG deal?

Well, guess who’s making a comeback and is greener than ever? Hello Kitty with the pink fat bow is, that’s who.

Sanrio is producing a a go green campaign, where Hello Kitty wears green overalls with nature-inspired details. Although most of us might be too old for an encore of the Hello Kitty phase, it’s definitely something to try to help save our environment!



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Tying Your Wrists?

Not literally, but what do you think of bows? While some people enjoy putting bows in their hair, many are now hopping aboard the trend train of the season: bow cuffs. There are designer ones and cheap plastic ones, but in the end, are they a trend you would want to try? Bows are adorable, but I’d rather not put them on my wrists. They deserve to be on gift boxes, headbands, shoes, and dresses.

Kate Spade $178

Trash and Luxury $30.80

All images from Nylon Magazine.

Tell me what you think about this trend. Do you think it’s a good idea? Or is it just a mediocre one?

A new page has been added onto the HotMess site! Please send me suggestions, questions, advice, etc.! All are more than welcome.

XX HotMess


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