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Just Plane Comfortable

No, my title is not spelled wrong…This is the last post I will be writing before I finally leave for Spain! One question that is currently on my mind is: “What should I wear on the plane tomorrow?”

On past voyages, I never really thought ahead about what to wear and I always found myself uncomfortable on the plane. Here is my outfit planned for tomorrow, thoroughly thought out with comfort in mind.

A pair of denim pants (not skinny jeans) that are incredibly comfy and very rad because they have STRIPES: (pants by Madewell)

The perfect top that is both soft and light; it also has stripes.

(stripe rock couple tank by Topshop)

And lastly, a colorful sweater that is bold in color, perfectly cozy, and handy-dandy. Why is it handy-dandy, you might ask? The sleeves are detachable.

(unfortunately, I could not find a good picture)

So, tell me. What do you enjoy wearing on a plane? What would you never wear on a plane?

Comment below and let me know.

SPRING BREAK 2010′!!!!



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Who wears short shorts?

It just kicked in that it’s finally spring break!!!

A spring season essential is shorts (not necessarily short shorts). There is a w i i i i d e range of shorts, so I will show you which types of shorts are definitely a pair of shorts you must get for spring & summer!

Shorts of the runway:

(in clockwise order: alexander wang, karl lagerfeld, YSL)

It’s not difficult to find a nice pair of shorts, especially if you know specifically the places to shop. Some places I enjoy going to find a pair of shorts are Topshop, American Apparel, and sometimes websites like Shorts are a simple and stunning way to keep cool and look beautiful.

(shorts by Paul & Joe for theOutnet)

These shorts are everything you want in a pair of shorts: comfortable, stylish, and a simple color with patterned details.

(vintage shorts by American Apparel)

I want these shorts so bad!! Not only are they recycled denim that were remade into denim shorts for American Apparel, they have ZIPPERS on the side! Fantabulous…honestly.

Unless you’re going to somewhere incredibly cold this spring break, wear some shorts!

Comment below and let me know where you’ll be spending your vacation, hope everyone has a lovely time!


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¡Buen viaje!

I’m leaving for Spain in a matter of days now, and what better way to leave than a beautiful and cultural post! Ranging from street wear to the runway, Spain has made an image for fashion and it’s wonderful, marvelous, elegant, and simple all at the same time! The first thing that pops into mind when I think of the cultures of Spain is Flamenco dancing and Penelope Cruz.

(Flamenco dress by Miss Sixty)

(Penelope Cruz in US Vogue December 2007)

No matter the time or city in Spain, the fashion is nevertheless breathtaking.

A label who really shows the simplicity, yet elegant look of Spain is Ailanto. This Barcelona-based label developed by TWIN brothers, Iñaki and Aitor Muñoz, illustrates Barcelona’s bold and bright climate.

Other designers, such as Matthew Ames, have demonstrated this elegancy.

I am SO excited to finally visit the many sites in this magnificent country. I hope you all get the chance to visit.

“The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.” -My Fair Lady


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Fake or real (rather fake), fur is always pretty cool, especially for Autumn 2010. In addition to lace, fur is making its way back as a trend. Buying fur jackets or vests from vintage stores/thrift stores is always somehow nicer for some reason. Hm perhaps they’re cuter if they’re older?

I’m not promoting the purchase of real fur, but I’m encouraging you all to follow up on this trend. It’s a classic, elegant, and fun way to stay warm and cozy 🙂


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Lazy and Lacey

Feeling lazy and need something to wear that is elegant/simple/casual/lovely/rad/perfect?

Answer to your problems: Wear lace.

Lace has never gotten old, and especially for Autumn 2010, lace is making a beautiful comeback. Should be exciting!! So, your possible question could be: “How could I wear lace?” Well my friends, the solution is easy-peezy-lemon-squeezy. You can wear it as a dress, a top, or even a face mask (Lady Gaga?)!

(in descending order: 1960s navy vintage dress [image from:], D&G dress, Valentino mask [images from])

Lace has an exquisite quality to it that is perfect for any occasion.


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Spring: The Time for Bling

I am SO happy that the days are actually starting to get warmer, sunnier, and lovelier. Another fashion trend for spring is bling. You might think of bling as chains or a very blatant piece of accessory but that’s not what I’m thinking. The new trend suggests that you should: take a break from the recession and wear a whimsicality of gold, glitter, and crystals (not bejewels though…).

Burberry Prorsum

Think simple and subtle, rather than showy and obvious. Here are some ways you can wear this trend:

All tops are vintage

Places to find these types of tops include: Beacon’s Closet, Zachary’s Smile, and Topshop, and any other little boutiques/thrift shops.


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