Just Plane Comfortable

No, my title is not spelled wrong…This is the last post I will be writing before I finally leave for Spain! One question that is currently on my mind is: “What should I wear on the plane tomorrow?”

On past voyages, I never really thought ahead about what to wear and I always found myself uncomfortable on the plane. Here is my outfit planned for tomorrow, thoroughly thought out with comfort in mind.

A pair of denim pants (not skinny jeans) that are incredibly comfy and very rad because they have STRIPES: (pants by Madewell)

The perfect top that is both soft and light; it also has stripes.

(stripe rock couple tank by Topshop)

And lastly, a colorful sweater that is bold in color, perfectly cozy, and handy-dandy. Why is it handy-dandy, you might ask? The sleeves are detachable.

(unfortunately, I could not find a good picture)

So, tell me. What do you enjoy wearing on a plane? What would you never wear on a plane?

Comment below and let me know.

SPRING BREAK 2010′!!!!



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One response to “Just Plane Comfortable

  1. flyer

    I would never dawn the P.J. pants, as too many americans do…
    yes, they’re comfy, but you’re still in public.

    I like your choice. well done.

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