White Trash

More like White Wash… The color white is quite simple, a little plain-jane, and is the most annoying color when you get it dirty. BUT white is also a very elegant and clean color that never is permanently out of style, especially now, when white is incorporated into clothes with unique architecture and shape.

(in clockwise order: hussein chalayan,stella mccartney,

chanel {i love the tights!}; all images from vogue.co.uk)

I like wearing white, only because it usually can pair with any other color and I know I don’t get stains on my clothes that often, so that’s a plus for me! Also, a color related to white, cream is a lovely shade and it has an “old-time” feel, which makes it even lovelier.

To find a basic white or cream outfit, American Apparel is the first thing that comes to mind. I went searching for clothes on the website, and stumbled upon these two rad whitish/creamish(?) outfits.

I’m not too fond of the second one, but I love the skirt on the left, and I think it said it’s reversible on the website?….

Besides the fact that white/cream colored clothes are super easy to dirty, they’re always a great shade to wear on any day. I’m currently looking for a cream-colored vintage dress, myself AH! difficult.

X A.C.


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