Looking Racoculously Sharp

Architecture, uniqueness, exposed skin,  what could honestly sound better? While venturing online, I came upon a beautiful look that is perfect for any fancy occasion. You could be going to a dinner or going to a fancy schmancy event and wear this look, you’d still look stunning.

What is the look exactly, you ask? I don’t have a clear name to refer to it so I will make up a word…RACOCULOUS, meaning extremely ridiculous as in the fact that these clothes are racoculous. Anyways, this look includes, clean cut dresses that are straightforward, unique architecture, and small slivers of exposure of skin, yeah, very scandalous.

For you, I present multiple outfits that show all these traits of design, simplicity, and slits of bare skin.

(shoes by Elizabeth and James, dress by Helmut Lang, and ring by Jules Smith)

These outfits sum up the theme of this look. Each has small fragments of transparency or exposure, each illustrate architecture, and each lovely show simplicity yet individuality .

(skirt by Mason by Michelle Mason and shoes by Open Ceremony)

(dress by Open Ceremony and shoes by Modern Vintage)

(dress by Open Ceremony and watch by La Mer)

I actually own that watch…so, what do you think? This might not be your style, but I think this look is incredible and of course racoculous.

Xx A.C.

Ps. Don’t you think the basis of all this architecture was inspired by Gaga?

(dresses actually by Prada and hat created by Frank Gehry)

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  1. Interesting RE: Gaga inspired fashions. She’s certainly influential… not sure if that’s good or bad on the whole, but uniqueness is always appreciated here! 🙂

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