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Beyond the Norm

We live in a world of beautiful clothing, where a “standard” also exists. This benchmark, also known as the norm, is the guideline for rising designers to branch off of. But what happened to being different eccentric?!

Bjork, a consistently eccentric dresser

Fact: Following the crowd, or the norm, is not always a great path.

With attitude and radical ideas, designers can create a line of clothes that are wearable, very different, and as lovely as ever. Which designers are those, you ask? I’ve been browsing on the world wide web, and two designers have caught my eye with their unique ability to spice things up and go beyond the norm.

1. Savant

You can call it strange, you can call it beautiful, but it is definitely a noteworthy take on fashion.

The style of the skirt might not be distinctive, but the sheerness certainly is! It constantly questions you: “Do I wear hot pants underneath? Is this appropriate? Will I look ridiculous?” Possibly, but who cares.

This silk set is recognizable because of its 50s inspired look (ie. highwaisted hot pants), but the pattern and the look of it is still very modern.

I love this skirt. It reminds me of Where the Wild Things Are! Sure many current designers have created a hairy skirt, but I honestly cannot say I’ve seen one that looks as elegant and well put together as this one.

This suede, long-sleeved top is unquestionably different. It might be too warm, but it could be a very enchanting top to wear during the fall and winter. It’s not a suede jacket, so you can’t take it off!

2. Obesity and Speed

You know a designer has bright ideas when a season’s collection from two different years look completely unrelated. Last year, Obesity and Speed’s line was… well very cheerful. This year’s upcoming season of fall, with its contrasting darker and already-edgy feel, is still girl-loving just with a bit of death-related tees. What I’m showing you isn’t the fall line, but the spring 2010 line shows the same message.

Very cheerful… but still very basic. The message comes across as dark but different at the same time (even slightly eerie…)

I find this top to be adorably unfamiliar. Usually, girls look for tops that show skin, such as their midriff, but who would have thought that exposing your shoulder blades would look so lush.

This gloomy cobweb dress is fragile and very special. The back exposure is elegant yet subtle, and the color is charming.

Here’s a dare for you. Go beyond the norm, and buy a piece of clothing that you would never imagine yourself wearing. If you follow through with this dare, comment/email me and let me know what you found!

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” -Coco Chanel


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Jafari Safari

Embroidered tapestries contribute to Iran’s efflorescence of culture.  Mia Jafari, a British designer, is one funky Londoner. She wanted to commence the merging of her Iranian heritage with the modern appreciations of a city girl. And so she created “digi-broidery,” and if you know what that is, then you’re probably nuts and a genius at the same time. What Mia created is an artistry that integrates traditional skills with modern computer graphic and digital skills. She took conventional Iranian symbols, such as flowers, animals, and various patterns and combined them with her own modernity, including ice cream cones, cupcakes, lipstick, and shoes; with these symbols in hand, she created a collection of scarves and dresses. You could call them bright, but I see them more as magical, perhaps. The textiles are a delightful fusion of both new and old, and who couldn’t love that! And, they look splendid with messy hair, a coat of bright lipstick, and a gleaming smile.

Although the dresses are not yet shown on Mia’s website, the scarves are an absolute euphoria. She named the series of scarves ‘Ladybirds ♥ Strawberry Cosmos,’ which I think sums them all up pretty darn well. Each individual scarf has its own name, such as ‘Berrypolitian’ and ‘Midnight Mojito.’

You’re probably saying: ‘Just show me them already!’

Well, here are all the ones currently on her website.

(all images from

The last scarf is my absolute FAVORITE! Besides the fact that it’s a beautiful color, I adore ice cream and cupcakes quite a bit…

They might not be your exact taste due to its brightness and colorfulness, but you have to admit, the textiles are difficult for your eyes to avoid and are somewhat stunning.

Until next time…

x A.C.

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Dr. Who?

Dr. Martens.

These boots are much different and older than any regular ankle or knee boot. Starting as a working-class necessity, this boot morphed into a counter cultural-icon back in the 1960s (around when most of your parents were born). I have to say, no other brand has mutated or evolved as much as Dr. Martens. After starting as the boot of the working class, the “skinheads,” became the first subculture to adopt the boot in the early 60s. After 50 years of evolution and existence, the Dr. Martens boot has yet to cease and is still conquering the world of boots with fresh collaborations and a continuation of their signature styles.

Their oldest, revolutionary, and most renowned boot, the so-called 1460, celebrated its 50th birthday this year. With its hard shell and soft and comfortable insides, these timeless pair of lace-up boots are an absolute must-have.

Branching from the original boot, there are various types of Dr. Martens now, which is brilliant. Existing now is the same boot (above), but with a bit more pizazz. There are shiny boots, flower power boots, festive boots, and even shoes that aren’t even boots but are still related. Crazy, I know. My current all time favorites are the vintage ones, the Worn collection, and the floral collection, but I’ll show you all of the rad ones anyway.

These dazzling, shiny boots clearly catch the eye. They are quite bright, but they look classic no matter what, especially since they have the same shape and details as the very first boot.

Another variation of the initial boot is florals, which doesn’t always go with an outfit but Flower Power is always lovely.

Adorable, aren’t they!

These boots are from the Worn collection, which doesn’t imply what you think it means. It doesn’t mean that a stranger wore the boots you’re buying for a long time just to have your boots look worn out. These boots go through an 8-step process so they become broken-in. This sounds bad, but it’s actually better because then you won’t have to wear them during their uncomfortable stage and break them in yourself. Also, who doesn’t like a beaten up looking shoe?

These two are from the Festival collection. They’re similar to the Shine collection because they are bright-colored and brightly patterned. However, they’re not shiny!

Lucky for all you readers out there, the release of the new Doc Martens, shared by Nylon magazine, is an absolute delight. Doc Martens recently collaborated with Sanrio (the company that created the famous Hello Kitty). It hasn’t officially become buyable in stores yet, but it will be arriving soon later this summer. I honestly don’t think Doc Martens can get any cuter!

How can you not want to buy a pair after reading all of this!? The Dr. Martens boot is a combination of everything you need in a boot: comfort, lace-up, strong sole, and style.

“The best form of rebellion is individualism. Thinking for yourself.” -Martin Roach, music and pop culture journalist.

X A.C.

P.S. Summer vacation = Free time = MORE POSTS

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Fashion of the Festivities

Apologies for the depressingly long wait for a new post… Since it is finally summer(!!!!!), there is a stunning list of music festivals to attend to in the city and in the city area. I hope you clicked on that link because it shows the variety of festivals, shows, and performances that will be happening soon. Besides the diversity of music, the bestest thing about most of these musical performances is that they are FREE, which is why I will be attending a majority of them… If you’re lucky, these free shows will enable you to see your favorite performer.

So because it is summer and because most of these festivities are outdoors, what will you be wearing?

(Kelly Osbourne and Kate Nash @ Glastonbury)

Wearing something comfortable is incredibly important, so you can dance dance dance! and of course, be comfortable in the weather, whether it be perpetually clammy or painfully hot.

If it shall be beautifully sunny, these are a few things you might want to wear:

As said in the last post written so long ago, you should always wear a hat to protect your lovely head.

This top by All Saints would be a great top to wear if you’re going to be dancing to music outside. It’s made out of a light fabric and it is sleeveless, perfect!

A romper would be a perfect choice; most rompers guarantee major comfort and style.

A lovely lightweight dress like this one by Vain and Vapid would be another great choice of an outfit. It is comfortable and looks adorable overall.

Shorts like these by Topshop would look fantabulous, because not only do they illustrate the beautiful florals of the summer time, they are high-waisted and easy to move in.

I’ve always loved Levi’s… These vintage, tie-dyed denim shorts by Levi’s would be fantastic as well.

I adore these Robert Clergerie sandals! They look related to espadrilles, but more enchanting? They would look great with any tea dress, wouldn’t it…

On the contrary, what if it rains?

If it’s raining, you should obviously wear something to protect you from the falling water. Wearing something like this rad Burberry trench coat would somewhat protect you from the rain, while making you look darling at the same time!

The great thing about scarves is that they can either keep you warm, or you can wear it over your hair to protect your head, at least, from the rain. This delightfully detailed scarf by All Saints would be nice to wear, but I would hate to get it wet…

A pair of any skinny jeans would be a good choice, in general. I love these jeans made by Topshop, a bit boring but they’re still comfy.

This is at the top of my wishlist for rainy days! I personally despise rainboots, but these winsome Vivienne Westwood wellies are just lovely!

Here are some things you should generally bring/wear to your shows:

This alphabet bag is a definite need if you’re planning on attending these shows. Because it is a very plain canvas bag, you can always throw it in the wash if it gets dirty.

Super duper comfy shoes are another definite need, such as these vintage Keds!

If you’re going to be in the city, try to attend these shows! Most of them are free, outdoors, and hopefully are going to be a whole lot of fun. What could be better?

Warped Tour anyone? If you’re looking for other shows to go to, visit Brooklynvegan.

X A.C.

p.s. Thanks so much for reading..there will be a long and special project starting soon. I hope you all check it out (whenever it starts :/ ) and feel free to comment!

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