Jafari Safari

Embroidered tapestries contribute to Iran’s efflorescence of culture.  Mia Jafari, a British designer, is one funky Londoner. She wanted to commence the merging of her Iranian heritage with the modern appreciations of a city girl. And so she created “digi-broidery,” and if you know what that is, then you’re probably nuts and a genius at the same time. What Mia created is an artistry that integrates traditional skills with modern computer graphic and digital skills. She took conventional Iranian symbols, such as flowers, animals, and various patterns and combined them with her own modernity, including ice cream cones, cupcakes, lipstick, and shoes; with these symbols in hand, she created a collection of scarves and dresses. You could call them bright, but I see them more as magical, perhaps. The textiles are a delightful fusion of both new and old, and who couldn’t love that! And, they look splendid with messy hair, a coat of bright lipstick, and a gleaming smile.

Although the dresses are not yet shown on Mia’s website, the scarves are an absolute euphoria. She named the series of scarves ‘Ladybirds ♥ Strawberry Cosmos,’ which I think sums them all up pretty darn well. Each individual scarf has its own name, such as ‘Berrypolitian’ and ‘Midnight Mojito.’

You’re probably saying: ‘Just show me them already!’

Well, here are all the ones currently on her website.

(all images from http://miajafari.co.uk/)

The last scarf is my absolute FAVORITE! Besides the fact that it’s a beautiful color, I adore ice cream and cupcakes quite a bit…

They might not be your exact taste due to its brightness and colorfulness, but you have to admit, the textiles are difficult for your eyes to avoid and are somewhat stunning.

Until next time…

x A.C.

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  1. Although I may be a bit biased, I love these scarfs! My favourite being the 3rd one 🙂

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