Dreadful September…

Does anyone feel as if the summer started out slowly and ended too quickly? As summer is coming close to an end, back-to-school shopping is inevitable. I spent the weekend with my mum buying things for my unfortunate uniform; I felt obligated to find things that could be on the edge of non-uniform. I bought bib shirts and blouses with unique collars and bought socks that could be worn by a skanky grandma.

I have yet to go school supply shopping but getting fun pencils, notebooks, backpacks, and pencil cases always make me sort of happier to be at school. Here are some ideas to make school a little bit better and your uniform a little less… uniform.

Canvas Backpack

Pixel Colored Pencils

Fuzzy Pencils

‘I will be home by curfew’ bag

Marc by Marc Jacobs Laptop Case

Topshop Cable Jumper

Henry cuir Wallet

MAC x Liberty of London: Blue India



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10 responses to “Dreadful September…

  1. Sara Coan

    This is great! You’ve done a wonderful job!

    P.S. I agree– Summer started slowly, and ended way too fast!

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  3. I really loved reading this post. It totally echoes my feelings at the moment. Just today I was at the art supply stores, lusting after markers and velum I do not need.
    I just wanted to tell you that I found your blog via, IFB and would love to stay in touch. How do you feel about following and/or doing a link exchange with my blog? I’ll be more than happy to return the favor. 🙂

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  4. This is a great post! I’m not in school anymore, and never wore a uniform, but can’t imagine having to wear the same thing everyday. I’m sure all the girls who read this blog and have to are excited to have some inspiration to jazz up their uniforms and school days without breaking the rules. I don’t know what the rules at your school are but you might also be able to get away with wearing some creative hairbands and other hair accessories.

  5. Summer definitely finished too early, the laptop case by marc jacobs is cool as are the pixelated coloured pencils. How much is the laptop case?


  6. Lorena

    “by a skanky grandma” ahahaha love that.
    Back to school shopping was always my fav, just for buying new stationary/pens/pencils.
    Cute picks!

  7. I seriously want everything in this post! Either you have great taste or we both have crap taste…I’ll let you decide ^_^

    p.s. I came here through IFB’s Buddy Group!

  8. omg i want that mj laptop case xx

  9. All so fun, I want the backpack! x

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