Who I Am

I consider myself a city girl, living in New York, who frequently enjoys quaint silence. This blog is pretty much just an excuse for discovering new things, such as designers and trends, and day trips to lazy places. I love fashion, but occasionally I like other things more. Right now, I’m more excited about reading classic novels and baking cupcakes and daydreaming about places to wander through. I also like old films and Audrey Hepburn, film photography and museums, and addicting TV shows with a whimsical sense of dry humor.

3 responses to “Who I Am

  1. yumiko

    i love this and you

  2. Naomi

    Why are you so amazing, Adrienne? I envy you sometimes–sometimes meaning all the time. See you in school. (I stalk you.)

  3. Karen

    Not that I’m stalking you… (I totally am..)

    But I totally love this.
    You’re amazing.
    I envy you

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