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Dr. Who?

Dr. Martens.

These boots are much different and older than any regular ankle or knee boot. Starting as a working-class necessity, this boot morphed into a counter cultural-icon back in the 1960s (around when most of your parents were born). I have to say, no other brand has mutated or evolved as much as Dr. Martens. After starting as the boot of the working class, the “skinheads,” became the first subculture to adopt the boot in the early 60s. After 50 years of evolution and existence, the Dr. Martens boot has yet to cease and is still conquering the world of boots with fresh collaborations and a continuation of their signature styles.

Their oldest, revolutionary, and most renowned boot, the so-called 1460, celebrated its 50th birthday this year. With its hard shell and soft and comfortable insides, these timeless pair of lace-up boots are an absolute must-have.

Branching from the original boot, there are various types of Dr. Martens now, which is brilliant. Existing now is the same boot (above), but with a bit more pizazz. There are shiny boots, flower power boots, festive boots, and even shoes that aren’t even boots but are still related. Crazy, I know. My current all time favorites are the vintage ones, the Worn collection, and the floral collection, but I’ll show you all of the rad ones anyway.

These dazzling, shiny boots clearly catch the eye. They are quite bright, but they look classic no matter what, especially since they have the same shape and details as the very first boot.

Another variation of the initial boot is florals, which doesn’t always go with an outfit but Flower Power is always lovely.

Adorable, aren’t they!

These boots are from the Worn collection, which doesn’t imply what you think it means. It doesn’t mean that a stranger wore the boots you’re buying for a long time just to have your boots look worn out. These boots go through an 8-step process so they become broken-in. This sounds bad, but it’s actually better because then you won’t have to wear them during their uncomfortable stage and break them in yourself. Also, who doesn’t like a beaten up looking shoe?

These two are from the Festival collection. They’re similar to the Shine collection because they are bright-colored and brightly patterned. However, they’re not shiny!

Lucky for all you readers out there, the release of the new Doc Martens, shared by Nylon magazine, is an absolute delight. Doc Martens recently collaborated with Sanrio (the company that created the famous Hello Kitty). It hasn’t officially become buyable in stores yet, but it will be arriving soon later this summer. I honestly don’t think Doc Martens can get any cuter!

How can you not want to buy a pair after reading all of this!? The Dr. Martens boot is a combination of everything you need in a boot: comfort, lace-up, strong sole, and style.

“The best form of rebellion is individualism. Thinking for yourself.” -Martin Roach, music and pop culture journalist.

X A.C.

P.S. Summer vacation = Free time = MORE POSTS

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