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A Belated Gingerbread House

On Christmas Eve, I spent the night watching old classic Christmas films while decorating my gingerbread house/eating the decorations. If only it wasn’t stale now! What are your favorite Christmas treats? I thought this was a bit amusing…


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A Well Day Spent, Indeed
















As I promised in my last post, here is another post! How ’bout that blizzard, huh? Ahhhh, I’ve been spending most of my days inside but spent today in its entirety in Chelsea, where aptly both Chelsea Piers and Chelsea Market are located. My friend Cara and I took a little trip (a cab ride) to the Piers, merely to go ice skating and golfing. For lunch, we had some savory crêpes at Vive la Crêpe, which satisfied my craving for the delightful French snack. I haven’t ice skated in years and haven’t golfed in weeks, so I was a bit out of practice. It was fun and not too expensive, nonetheless.

Coat: Barbour

Jacket: Topshop

Cardigan: Uniqlo

T-shirt: Crystal Castles

Bag: Chanel

Jeans: Madewell

Shoes: Doc Martens

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Purple Haze

Seasons greetings! Happy (belated) Holidays/Happy Boxing Day/Happy Snow Day in NYC! Ignoring the fact that I haven’t posted in months, today was gruesome in terms of weather! It snowed quite heavily, the sky turned purple(?!), and there was lightening and thunder. I spent the day inside, eating and playing video games, rather than getting disappointed over delayed flights! Other than that, I hope everyone is doing well and is safe with their families :).

More posts and more pictures shall be coming, do not fret! For now, enjoy the Chanel ss 2011 runway show video below, hopefully as much as I did!

So classy.


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A Weekend of Vampires

Photos by Yumiko

Major apologies for the hiatus! This a bit late, about two months late actually, but nonetheless! In the beginning of September, I attended one of the three Vampire Weekend concerts. It was beautiful and probably one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. I don’t even have the words to describe the evening! I left Radio City Music Hall with the remnants of tunes, a vinyl version of Contra, and a t-shirt. If you don’t know who Vampire Weekend or Ezra Koenig are, you should without excuse look them up.

Shirt: vintage The Smiths

Cardigan: Uniqlo

Shorts: Jil Sander

Purse: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Stockings: J. Crew

Shoes: Madewell 

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Dreadful September…

Does anyone feel as if the summer started out slowly and ended too quickly? As summer is coming close to an end, back-to-school shopping is inevitable. I spent the weekend with my mum buying things for my unfortunate uniform; I felt obligated to find things that could be on the edge of non-uniform. I bought bib shirts and blouses with unique collars and bought socks that could be worn by a skanky grandma.

I have yet to go school supply shopping but getting fun pencils, notebooks, backpacks, and pencil cases always make me sort of happier to be at school. Here are some ideas to make school a little bit better and your uniform a little less… uniform.

Canvas Backpack

Pixel Colored Pencils

Fuzzy Pencils

‘I will be home by curfew’ bag

Marc by Marc Jacobs Laptop Case

Topshop Cable Jumper

Henry cuir Wallet

MAC x Liberty of London: Blue India


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Fainting Spells

Photos by Jonathan

Blouse: Vintage

Jeans: Madewell

Shoes: G.H. Bass & Co.

Another concert, another pair of sore toes. Saturday, my brother and I went to a Crystal Castles concert at Terminal 5. One word to describe the night: ACE. The music was unbelievable; it should be a crime to not have danced. I was surprised I had enough energy to keep dancing until 2am, especially since Destructo and Sinden, who opened for Crystal Castles, performed so phenomenally. I left with a muffled sound in my ears and my new Crystal Castles t-shirt. I guess you could say it was an incredible evening.

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