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A Well Day Spent, Indeed
















As I promised in my last post, here is another post! How ’bout that blizzard, huh? Ahhhh, I’ve been spending most of my days inside but spent today in its entirety in Chelsea, where aptly both Chelsea Piers and Chelsea Market are located. My friend Cara and I took a little trip (a cab ride) to the Piers, merely to go ice skating and golfing. For lunch, we had some savory crêpes at Vive la Crêpe, which satisfied my craving for the delightful French snack. I haven’t ice skated in years and haven’t golfed in weeks, so I was a bit out of practice. It was fun and not too expensive, nonetheless.

Coat: Barbour

Jacket: Topshop

Cardigan: Uniqlo

T-shirt: Crystal Castles

Bag: Chanel

Jeans: Madewell

Shoes: Doc Martens

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Purple Haze

Seasons greetings! Happy (belated) Holidays/Happy Boxing Day/Happy Snow Day in NYC! Ignoring the fact that I haven’t posted in months, today was gruesome in terms of weather! It snowed quite heavily, the sky turned purple(?!), and there was lightening and thunder. I spent the day inside, eating and playing video games, rather than getting disappointed over delayed flights! Other than that, I hope everyone is doing well and is safe with their families :).

More posts and more pictures shall be coming, do not fret! For now, enjoy the Chanel ss 2011 runway show video below, hopefully as much as I did!

So classy.


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Picnic Perfect

The weather in NYC is perfect for a quaint little picnic with the family and friends. And picnics are the perfect occasion to wear flowy summer dresses and carry adorable wicker basket tote bags, such as this Chanel purse. Picnics are entirely full of fun: there’s scrumptious food, usually a beautiful nature-filled scenery, all of your close friends and family, and sometimes even games! Sounds so darlingly flawless, doesn’t it? But I think to make it enjoyable, you have to be comfortable, and what could be more comfortable than a breezy tea dress?

(left: marc by marc jacobs; right: rebecca taylor)

These sundresses, both smashing and bold colored, would be great for a picnic day. On the other hand, Christopher Kane’s Spring 2010 line is very basic colored, but nevertheless stunning. Every one of these dresses have one thing in common: the gingham checkered pattern, which is a typical pattern for a picnic blanket.

Three reasons why I would wear these dresses to a picnic

1) Their length

2) The design of each dress

3) The breeziness

Christopher Kane Spring 2010 RTW Show found here.

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White Trash

More like White Wash… The color white is quite simple, a little plain-jane, and is the most annoying color when you get it dirty. BUT white is also a very elegant and clean color that never is permanently out of style, especially now, when white is incorporated into clothes with unique architecture and shape.

(in clockwise order: hussein chalayan,stella mccartney,

chanel {i love the tights!}; all images from vogue.co.uk)

I like wearing white, only because it usually can pair with any other color and I know I don’t get stains on my clothes that often, so that’s a plus for me! Also, a color related to white, cream is a lovely shade and it has an “old-time” feel, which makes it even lovelier.

To find a basic white or cream outfit, American Apparel is the first thing that comes to mind. I went searching for clothes on the website, and stumbled upon these two rad whitish/creamish(?) outfits.

I’m not too fond of the second one, but I love the skirt on the left, and I think it said it’s reversible on the website?….

Besides the fact that white/cream colored clothes are super easy to dirty, they’re always a great shade to wear on any day. I’m currently looking for a cream-colored vintage dress, myself AH! difficult.

X A.C.

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Nothing Better Than the Old Smell of Retro Vintage…

Although a lot of people don’t really like buying things that are old and worn out, apparel at thrift/vintage stores is magical (according to me at least). If you think about it, vintage clothing contains maybe sophisticated age, other people’s memories, and the possibility of new memories. You would be wearing a piece of clothing literally FILLED with memories! Here are some examples of lovely vintage goodies:

Dress from the 50s

Skirt from the 50s

Skirt from the 70s

Dress from the 80s

Reese Witherspoon in Christian Dior from the 50s

Vintage Knit Top

Vintage Chanel

Vintage Leather Bag

As you can see, there are many, many fabulous things to buy at thrift & vintage stores! For me, I find it fascinating that you can wear a piece of clothing or accessory that could be older that you. In one of my recent posts about the returning style of the 40s, I uploaded a variety of things that you should definitely check out! These things could definitely inspire you to stop by vintage stores. Some vintage/thrift stores to check out include Metropolis, Housing Works, Beacon’s Closet, Screaming Mimi’s, Buffalo Exchange, Cure Thrift Shop, Inven.tory, Amarcord and tons of others! Never say you’ll never go into what I call an “oldie” store, because you’ll never know what you’ll end up finding 🙂

A.C. loves the oldies!

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Flower Power!

Although it doesn’t feel like spring just yet in New York… Flowers are definitely blooming when it comes to Spring 2010. If you haven’t noticed, FLOWERS ARE EVERYWHERE! They’re on blouses, dresses, skirts, bags, leggings, and shoes!

Andrew Gn


Manolo Blahnik


Where else would you find floral designs such as these? Simple answer. Urban Outfitters!

Literally, Urban Outfitters basically carries every possible floral design. Handbags, blouses, dresses, and shoes. Oh my! You should definitely check it out!

*Also, Urban Outfitters is currently having a sale!

Xx HotMess loves Flower Power!

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To Dress In The Nude…

For Spring 2010, the appearance of the color nude has walked the runway. I don’t know what makes the color of skin so appealing, but designers including Chanel, Chloé, Monique Lhuillier, and Phillip Lim have made this upcoming trend so desirable.



Monique Lhuillier

3.1 Phillip Lim

Some people may say that nude isn’t their color, but I think anyone can pull this look off since it’s practically just another layer of skin! Places to find nude-colored clothing? Definitely American Apparel.

An Entry for the American Apparel/LB Contest

This trend is something I’m thinking of trying and hoping you all do too!

Xx Dressing Nude = HotMess

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The Smaller The Better!

Starting with Chanel, small bags with long straps have been beautiful and elegant. These bags have finally come back into our world of fashion trends.

Classic Chanel

This bag has probably inspired many of today’s designers to make similar bags that are simple, small, and superb! Designers, such as Chloé, Stella McCartney, and Marc Jacobs have all made this bag come back to life with simplistic architecture and, of course style.


Stella McCartney

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Luckily for you, these types of bags aren’t difficult to find. You can find bags similar to these at stores such as Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Bloomingdales, Barney’s, and vintage stores! I hope you all find your perfect, small bag!!

Xx Small Bags can carry a load of HotMess

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