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Beyond the Norm

We live in a world of beautiful clothing, where a “standard” also exists. This benchmark, also known as the norm, is the guideline for rising designers to branch off of. But what happened to being different eccentric?!

Bjork, a consistently eccentric dresser

Fact: Following the crowd, or the norm, is not always a great path.

With attitude and radical ideas, designers can create a line of clothes that are wearable, very different, and as lovely as ever. Which designers are those, you ask? I’ve been browsing on the world wide web, and two designers have caught my eye with their unique ability to spice things up and go beyond the norm.

1. Savant

You can call it strange, you can call it beautiful, but it is definitely a noteworthy take on fashion.

The style of the skirt might not be distinctive, but the sheerness certainly is! It constantly questions you: “Do I wear hot pants underneath? Is this appropriate? Will I look ridiculous?” Possibly, but who cares.

This silk set is recognizable because of its 50s inspired look (ie. highwaisted hot pants), but the pattern and the look of it is still very modern.

I love this skirt. It reminds me of Where the Wild Things Are! Sure many current designers have created a hairy skirt, but I honestly cannot say I’ve seen one that looks as elegant and well put together as this one.

This suede, long-sleeved top is unquestionably different. It might be too warm, but it could be a very enchanting top to wear during the fall and winter. It’s not a suede jacket, so you can’t take it off!

2. Obesity and Speed

You know a designer has bright ideas when a season’s collection from two different years look completely unrelated. Last year, Obesity and Speed’s line was… well very cheerful. This year’s upcoming season of fall, with its contrasting darker and already-edgy feel, is still girl-loving just with a bit of death-related tees. What I’m showing you isn’t the fall line, but the spring 2010 line shows the same message.

Very cheerful… but still very basic. The message comes across as dark but different at the same time (even slightly eerie…)

I find this top to be adorably unfamiliar. Usually, girls look for tops that show skin, such as their midriff, but who would have thought that exposing your shoulder blades would look so lush.

This gloomy cobweb dress is fragile and very special. The back exposure is elegant yet subtle, and the color is charming.

Here’s a dare for you. Go beyond the norm, and buy a piece of clothing that you would never imagine yourself wearing. If you follow through with this dare, comment/email me and let me know what you found!

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” -Coco Chanel



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