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Kate Sylvester S/S 10

I think I’ve always been inspired by fashion from different parts of the world. This collection by New Zealand designer Kate Sylvester has a smidge of everything I like about fashion: a romantic look with nautical colors, a bit of the school boy look, and the perfect amount of quirkiness. It also looks a little Parisienne, which I cherish. Everything about this collection illustrates a very laid back style.

P.S. The shoes the model is wearing are unbearably charming.


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Jumpers, Rompers, and Overalls, oh my!

Three things that I’m specifically searching for to wear during spring and summer are jumpers, rompers, and overalls (overall rompers)! Jumpers can appear dress-like, but they act as pants, which can be either warm or breezy depending on the material. The good thing about rompers are that they’re basically a dress, just with shorts…the bad part? You have to take the entire thing to go to the bathroom :/ And overall rompers are the exact same, but they’re just beautiful.

(in descending order: *unknown, romper by nicole farhi, overall shorts by american apparel, jumper by sonia rykiel)

Besides the bathroom issue, there really isn’t a downside to wear jumpers or rompers. It’s a combination of casual, dressy, comfortable, breezy, and most importantly: rad.

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X A.C.

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Spring: The Time for Bling

I am SO happy that the days are actually starting to get warmer, sunnier, and lovelier. Another fashion trend for spring is bling. You might think of bling as chains or a very blatant piece of accessory but that’s not what I’m thinking. The new trend suggests that you should: take a break from the recession and wear a whimsicality of gold, glitter, and crystals (not bejewels though…).

Burberry Prorsum

Think simple and subtle, rather than showy and obvious. Here are some ways you can wear this trend:

All tops are vintage

Places to find these types of tops include: Beacon’s Closet, Zachary’s Smile, and Topshop, and any other little boutiques/thrift shops.


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Exceptional Exposure

Until the current season thaws, this trend won’t be wearable until spring! Lingerie looks has made its way through the many trends and is a huge hit! Bustiers, corsets, suspender belts, sheer layers, and bra tops make up what is now a trend-to-be during Spring 2010!

(in descending order: Jasmine Di Milo, Sophia Kokosalaki, and YSL)

So, will you be wearing your innerwear as outerwear? If so, check Topshop for colorful & cheaper versions of lingerie wear.

Comment below/email me at lovelyhotmess@live.com and tell me what you think. All suggestions are welcome!


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Warning: Designer Breakout

It has been a while…

Ever hear about RosenMunns? These lovely and whimsical designers, Sydney Rose and Ashley Munns, behind the amazing clothes have tried for six seasons to make an appearance in the fashion world. They’ve taken every opportunity to make themselves known, and they’re finally making their huge debut this spring. They have created a 17-piece collection that is a wild ride with bright colors, transparent fabrics, and weighty pieces. Their collection has been inspired by San Francisco’s Chinatown, and it should be an unimaginable sight.

They’ve been featured in Nylon’s December issue, which is what inspired me to show you all this extensive line!

The duo found their spotlight when they gave actress, Kirsten Dunst, an “I Ate Mary-Kate” T-shirt.

PLEASE check them out! Go to their site and you can download their Lookbook.

Xx, HotMess

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