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Warning: Designer Breakout

It has been a while…

Ever hear about RosenMunns? These lovely and whimsical designers, Sydney Rose and Ashley Munns, behind the amazing clothes have tried for six seasons to make an appearance in the fashion world. They’ve taken every opportunity to make themselves known, and they’re finally making their huge debut this spring. They have created a 17-piece collection that is a wild ride with bright colors, transparent fabrics, and weighty pieces. Their collection has been inspired by San Francisco’s Chinatown, and it should be an unimaginable sight.

They’ve been featured in Nylon’s December issue, which is what inspired me to show you all this extensive line!

The duo found their spotlight when they gave actress, Kirsten Dunst, an “I Ate Mary-Kate” T-shirt.

PLEASE check them out! Go to their site and you can download their Lookbook.

Xx, HotMess


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